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 Psycho-Educational Assessment
Learning and Behavior Solutions offers for Psycho-educational Assessments to identify Learning disabilities based on California Educational code. The assessment also identifies learning styles, strengths and weakness in order to aid families in advocating and supporting children in education planning and interventions.  Some disabilities identified are:

·         ADHD (Other Health Impairment)

·         Autistic-like Behaviors

·         Emotional Disturbance

·         Learning Disabilities

o        Reading (such as Dyslexia)

o        Writing

o        Math

Behavior Assessment
Behavior assessment is also available.  There are primarily two types of behavior assessments. Primarily a behavior assessment is to identify Learning-to-Learn skills and to develop an ABA progrma based on identifying skill deficits in the areas of social, communication, adaptive, cognitive and preacademic or academic functioning. 

The second type of behavior assessment is a functional behavior assessment (FBA).  This type of assessment is a systematic observation of problematic behaviors for the purpose of developing a behavior support plan to replace the target behavior with a more suitable behavior that meets the same need or function of the problem behavior.

*Half of the fee for assessment is due upon agreement to proceed with the assessment.  The balance is due upon completion of the assessment.

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