Psycho-Educational Assessment

Learning and Behavior Solutions offers Psycho-educational Assessments.  A Psycho-educational might be conducted to determine the presence of a Learning Disability.  I am also qualified to conducted an Individual Education Evaluation (I.E.E.) when there is a disagreement with the assessment conducted by a school district.  This assessment is done at the district's expense.



Identification of:

Learning Disabilities in the areas of Reading, Writing and Math.

Screening For: ADHD, Autism and Emotional Disorders



    Full Psycho-Educational Assessment is between $1000-$1200

    Partial Assessment Cognitive or Achievement only is $450

    Social Emotional/behavioral screening is $300

    Partial Assessment with social/emotional is $750

*Half of the fee for assessment is due upon agreement to proceed with the assessment.  The balance is due upon completion of the assessment.  The deposit is nonrefundable.