Everyone deserves to learn.  Most of us take it for granted. It just comes easier to some than others.  Let's work together to unlock the learning in your child's unique situation.  Whether it's a learning disability, developmental disability or emotional or behavioral concern a solution to your child's problem could be just around the corner.

Psycho-educational Assessments


A Psycho-educational might be conducted to determine the presence of a Learning Disability or screen for ADHD, Autism or social and emotional disorders.

Behavior Assessment


A Functional behavior assessment (FBA) is a systematic observation of problematic behaviors for the purpose of developing a behavior intervention plan to reduce problem behaviors.  Behavior assessment also identifies Learning-to-Learn skills.

Educational Therapy

& Consultation

Educational Therapy may improve study skills and strategies for increased  performance in test taking skills, time management, task completion and the development of compensatory strategies.

Consultation  is available to families seeking support in gaining educational or Regional Center  services and support for children with disabilities. Children with disabilities may qualify for an IEP or a 504 in order to access the general education curriculum.